Coronavirus Zip Code Data and Analysis

This story map and its associated dashboards contain Northern Virginia maps of coronavirus case rates by zip code maps, testing rates by zip code maps, and testing sites.  The mapped case rate data is compared with mapped demographics of vulnerable populations for purposes of identifying correlations between high case rates and where vulnerable populations reside.  The testing rates and sites are mapped for purposes of identifying communities that may need more testing services and to provide information to the public on where they can get tested.  The coronavirus case and testing rate data are from the Virginia Department of Health.  The testing sites data is obtained from the Virginia Department of Health and local governments. 


The story map and the associated two dashboards (case rates and testing sites; case rates and vulnerable populations) are updated weekly on Mondays.

Story Map - Analysis and Findings

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Coronavirus Cases Story Map.jpg

Case Rates and Testing Sites Dashboard

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Case Rates and Vulnerable Populations Dashboard

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Cases and Vulnerability Dashboard.jpg

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