Military/Defense Spending

If Northern Virginia were a state it would rank second in the nation, behind only California in the amount of federal defense procurement dollars it has received over the past five years. In three of the last five years, it would have ranked second nationally and in two of the years it would have ranked third, behind Texas.


The other geographical portion of Virginia — the 123 counties and 20 regions comprising the remaining geographical area of Virginia— collectively would have ranked seventh in the nation, a positional status due primarily to comparatively higher levels of procurement spending in support of the military presence in the Tidewater area. Locally about ninety percent (equal to 261 billion dollars) of federal procurement spending in Virginia occurs in ten jurisdictions, all of them counties and cities located in Northern Virginia and the Hampton Roads areas. In rank order, based on obligated contract award amounts, they are Fairfax County, Arlington County, the City of Newport News, the City of Norfolk, Loudoun County, Prince William County, the City of Alexandria, Virginia Beach, and the Cities of Portsmouth and Hampton.

To read NVRC's detailed study on Federal procurement in Virginia, please click here.


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