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Coronavirus Vaccine Dashboard

Reports, maps, and charts are best viewed on a desktop or tablet.

Coronavirus Vaccine Dashboard

Background Information

Two dashboards are maintained by NVRC to track coronavirus cases and vaccine data for the Northern Virginia region. The coronavirus information found in the dashboards is sourced from the Virginia Department of Health (VDH).  

In addition to the regional information, statewide information can be found on VDH's coronavirus website.

Coronavirus Vaccine Administration

This dashboard contains coronavirus vaccine administration information and trend information for the region and its health districts.  The coronavirus information is sourced from the Virginia Department of Health.  Track total doses administered, persons vaccinated with at least one dose, and persons fully vaccinate. 

November 22, 2022 Dashboard Updates

NVRC updated its Vaccines Dashboard on November 22, 2022 to streamline information to better highlight current trends and monitor information most relevant to this point in the pandemic.

1.  Data Consolidation:  Consolidated all vaccine data into one dashboard page. Retired one-dose data dashboard and fully vaccinated dashboard.

2.  Locality Comparison: Retired dose per 100,000 locality comparison chart.  Locality comparison charts now display bar graphs comparing the percentage of people fully vaccinated and boosted.

3. Age Groups: Added age 0-4 data and removed age 12+ data.

4. Age 65+ VDH Data Issue: NVRC reports Virginia Department of Health (VDH) data.  VDH Age 65+ booster data appears to be erroneous, for instance percentages are higher than 100% and boosted persons should not be less than fully vaccinated persons.  VDH has been made aware of this issue by NVRC.  Until VDH data corrects the data, the data will appear erroneous on NVRC's dashboard, for instances of percentages greater than 100 percent.

Interpretation of the Data

The data are by administration date. The administration date is the actual date when the administration of a vaccination occurred. Data reflects health records that had been input into VDH's VIIS database system as of the prior day. All administered vaccinations for an administration date may not have been input. The data for prior administration dates will be updated daily as data is received. Healthcare providers have up to 72 hours after administration to input and submit information, shown by the gray shaded area on the graph. Gray shaded areas contain incomplete data.

The vaccination figures for the Northern Virginia region and the health districts include administered doses that were distributed by VDH.  They also include doses administered through the Federal CDC Pharmacy Partnership for Long Term Care Facilities and the Federal CDC Federal Retail Pharmacy Program. They do not include doses administered to Virginia residents through the federal workers program.  They also do not include vaccinations of residents of Virginia that VDH does not have information on the place of residence.  The Northern Virginia and health district figures are under-reported by VDH.  In other words, the Northern Virginia and health district figures are higher than the listed amounts.  Therefore, caution should be used when interpreting and using this data.

Doses Administered:  This number represents the total doses administered, regardless of whether it was a person's first dose or a second dose. This number will be greater than the number of people who have received at least one dose because some people will have received more than one dose.  This number may be less than the sum of the number of people who have received at least one dose and the number of people fully vaccinated because some people will have been fully vaccinated with one dose.

People Vaccinated with at Least One Dose: People who have received one dose.

People Fully Vaccinated: People who have completed the recommended series of a given vaccine product (e.g. 1 dose of Johnson and Johnson, 2 doses of the 2-dose Pfizer or Moderna vaccine series).

Total Population: The total population is from the U.S. Census Bureau's Population Estimates Program, 2019 Vintage Estimates. 


To Navigate the Dashboard Displayed Below

  1. Select the measure for the bar chart: total tests or percent positive.

  2. Select the health district of interest.  The default is Northern Virginia, which is actually not a health district, but this option is provided for regional summarization of the region's health districts.

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